Have any data online? Instantly start using Jason as mobile client.

Step 1. Try Demo

Here we will see how we can build a rich interactive client from just a spreadsheet.

  1. Here's the spreadsheet we'll use:

  2. Here's our Jason client:

  3. Copy and paste the client URL (the pastebin url above) into Jason address bar and watch it come alive.

Step 2. Try interactive demo

In this demo, you can actually make changes to the spreadsheet and see it update in realtime.

  1. Open this URL from Jason
  2. The client pulls content from this spreadsheet.
  3. Try adding your own row.

    It looks like Google sheets doesn't let you edit from mobile web browsers. Try opening the sheet on your computer and edit.

    Enter image urls for 'avatar' and 'media'.
  4. Reload the client and you'll see that your row has been added.

Step 3. Build your own!

Finally, let's build your own, shareable client using your own spreadsheet. Ready?

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