1. So just by entering a JSON url, I can have my own custom mobile interface, without even building an app?
  2. Is there any restriction on what I can view?
    Jason is an open platform. You can view any JSON on Jason browser, just like you can visit any website on your web browser.
  3. How do I open a JSON in the Jason browser?
    If you have a URL, enter into the address bar
    You can also copy a full JSON text into clipboard and launch Jason app.
  4. Can I open my own website or API on Jason?
    Yup! All you need is a template to describe how to fetch and parse it into Jason format.
    You can write a template and have your own native view for your website in 5 minutes.
  5. Can I share a Jason url?
    YES. It's just like sharing website urls.
  6. What is "Cloning"?
    You can take any Jason view and clone its code to build your own custom view locally.