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What is Jason?

Jason is a programmable iOS client that lets you view and interact with any data and any server, in any way you desire.

How does Jason work?

Jason works similar to web browsers. But instead of HTML it takes JSON as input.

  1. Describe the behavior of your client in JSON.
  2. Open it in Jason.
  3. Your client is constructed on the fly from the fetched description.

Jason in Action

You can tell Jason to do whatever you want, from network requests to native device features.

Here's a recording of an actual usage on Jason:

Quick Start

Choose your adventure!

  1. Hello Jason
    Your first Jason client,
    in 1 minute.
  2. Mobile client for any data
    You can program Jason to run as a client for anything, even your spreadsheet.
  3. Interactive iOS client for your web app
    Are you a web developer? You can turn Jason into your webapp's mobile client, and share it.